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Address: 4040 Steeles Ave. W. Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 4Y5
Lawyer Firm: Boggs & Levin
Phone: 416-868-4529
Fax: 416-868-4980

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Address: 4040 Steeles Ave W #35, Woodbridge, ON L4L 4Y5, Canada
Phone: (416) 868-4529
Ray Meloche on 2019-12-04
 I used Ray Boggs as my counsel for my case. He did a awesome job! I highly recommend using Ray Boggs to anyone with a criminal case. He is a fighter for his clients and even their co accused. Thank you Ray for all your hard work. MERRY CHRISTMAS
Cindy Lovely on 2019-09-13
 I am a really good girl and I was in very bad trouble. So I called R. Boggs to help me, he without hesitation said yes and I will win for you. Mr. Boggs told me not to worry and he will take care of everything. I never had to do anything he really truly did everything. He was super easy to get on touch with. If not with him his super helpful team was there always to answer my questions and reassure me. Mr. Boggs always called for my permission and to let me know when the case was moving forward or needed to be pushed along. I was never stressed with my case in Mr. Boggs hands because he did win it for me. I was facing some really bad charges and he helped proved my innocence. Thank you Mr. Boggs and your wonderful team????. I fully and highly recommend Mr. Boggs. This man is amazing at what he dose. Don't sleep on him. ????
robin shelly on 2019-11-30
 I have to say Mr. Boggs is an amazing lawyer. He truly cares and fights for his clients rights and for the coaccused also. He worked with my Lawyer on a case and did an amazing job as if it wasnt for him I wouldn't be able to write this review. If you're willing to fight on your own behalf then Mr. Boggs will stand by your side and fight for you. Thank you Mr. Boggs for caring about me as well as your own client. Have a Merry Christmas
keywon . on 2019-11-09
 I am really thankful for what mr. Ray Boggs did to help me. I was falsely charged with serious criminal charge which was sexual assault by my ex girlfriend while we were living together and because of my status in Canada was convention refugee I had deportation risk. However, Mr. Ray Boggs did very good job and won the case and saved my future life with no criminal record and I can go to for the school that I want to study or the job that I want to do. I highly recommend to anyone. He worked hard and really understood of my case. Thank you very much again.
Mark Mood on 2019-10-15
 Perusing for a lawyer to defend one in court is a lot like perusing for a doctor to perform a colonoscopy—you don’t really want to be in the position to require their services, but, when the need is undeniable and inescapable, it is, shall we say, preferable to nab a good one. Personally, I will admit, having had no experience with the criminal justice system on one side or another up until I found myself ever so undeniably and inescapably requiring of the services of Mr. Boggs and his associates (including his lovely wife/co-captain), the notion of a ‘good lawyer’ seemed almost to be no more than a contradiction in terms. In fact, when I first came across read over a few featured summaries of his cases, I quipped to a family member, “Ah, now here is some top-shelf scum!” But, gladly, I found this to be very, very far from the truth. Upon our first meeting, I steadily, if only gradually ‘unclenched’ as it became all too abundantly clear that Mr. Boggs measured himself on an axis of reason, and conducted such measurements to a standard of excellence. Given the extremely personal—and personally extreme—nature of my case, I had been recoiling inwards at the thought of a foreign party entering into the deliberations; like some invasive species… And yet, his involvement swiftly revealed itself to not only be benign, but decidedly beneficial to the balance and preservation of the ecosystem, and, to my cautious surprise, I felt that I had stumbled into the company of an individual who was almost absurdly qualified to ascertain the delicate particularities of my legal—and emotional—situation, and that, sitting across from me at the opposite end of a humorously long conference table, was a friend in my corner. Upon the meeting’s close, I walked out the door of the Boggs & Levin offices, called that very same family member formerly mentioned, and told them to forget all about the ’scum’ comment. And we did. As the case unfolded, Mr. Boggs proved himself again and again to be a reservoir of professional tact and common sense. As I once articulated to him, his catch phrase ought to be written in stone as, “Look…”. Not once did he attempt to patronize nor anesthetize me by jangling keys of hollow optimism in front of my face. That said, being a bit of a purveyor of fairy-dust myself, he did not allow this proclivity for ‘ground floor’ thinking to dampen his enthusiasm for our success. He communicated the realities of the situation thoroughly and precisely, and kept me in stable orbit around the circumstances which I was facing. I felt perpetually assured that he was standing up not only for my rights, but for my character as well—despite and in light of one or two monkey wrenches which I threw into the proceedings (who gives a monkey a wrench, anyhow?). There are two things which one can be certain of when enlisting Mr. Boggs: that he can think on his feet, and that one can stand on his thinking. As the case closed, to my indescribable relief, the verdict was, as he predicted, in my favour—at least, to the degree that rationality allowed; or, in other words, to the highest degree possible. Though he had made no promises to me, he had comprehensively upheld his duties as a lawyer, and as a human being. Standing behind the glass of a booth in a courtroom can be, as I have discovered, a rather dehumanizing experience. But if there is anyone who made such a cold place a little warmer for a young man in over his head, it was Mr. Boggs, and if there is anything which got me out of that cold place, back into the sunshine of a crumbling parking lot which I hoped never again to see in my life, it was his diabolical—yet honourably wielded—expertise. And now, there remains only one thing left to be said… Look… Raymond Boggs is a good lawyer.

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