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Updated: January 15th, 2020 | Toronto | Lawyer List B | Kahler Personal Injury Law Professional Corporation | Personal Injury Law,

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Address: Ste. 1800 5775 Yonge St. Toronto, Ontario M2M 4J1
Lawyer Firm: Kahler Personal Injury Law Professional Corporation
Phone: 705-739-7790
Fax: 705-739-7793
Email: bkahler@kahlerlawfirm.com
Website: kahlerlawfirm.com

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Address: 5775 Yonge St, North York, ON M2M 4J1, Canada
Phone: (416) 739-7700
Website: http://www.kahlerlawfirm.com/
Charlie Ancheta on 2020-05-20
 In the summer of 2017 when our family was suddenly impacted by a terrible car accident, and not knowing who to contact a close friend of ours referred us to Brennan Kahler the very next day. In those crucial days after the accident Brennan and the Kahler Law team were there to support our family and assured us that they would help us in every way including the personal support we needed while we were dealing with my wife’s life-threatening injuries as result of the accident. Brennan and his team helped us navigate through the complex accident benefits application process making sure we received the immediate accident benefit and rehab support we needed for my wife’s recovery and the long-term support she would need as part of her life long recovery. In the support groups that my wife had attended there where many people like her that were impacted by life long injuries and she learned through these support groups that cases such as hers would normally take 7 or more years to settle. Through Brennan’s excellent advice, legal strategies, and skillful team of Lawyers we were able to reach a settlement in less than half that time. No amount of money could return my wife’s pre-accident health back, however the generous settlement that Brennan was able to negotiate and achieve for our family ensured that we would have the funds available in the future for continued health services and accessibility support. If you are reading this and have been in an accident and are looking for a person you can trust, supported by a compassionate, professional and experienced team, I would highly recommend that you give Brennan and the Kahler Law firm a call. Our family is Graciously Thankful to Brennan and everyone on the team; Crystal, Sherilyn, Lane, and Jennifer! Kettleby area Family.
Gianluca Dell' on 2020-01-20
 Lane Foster recently won my trial. The staff at Kahler are professional and very helpful. Thanks alot R.D
Kat del Rosario on 2018-07-29
 Brennan Kahler, Crystal Dell'Orso and the support team they have formed have done a great job, over and above my expectations. They have helped me a lot in my recovery and have guided me all through out until I have regained my old self after a terrible car accident. - Mary Ann.
Angie Connell on 2015-08-11
 In October, 2008, my husband was rear-ended by a garbage truck, while stopped. Owning his own business, and being the main supporter of our household, my husband was not able to take time off work to recover. However, with a sore neck and shoulder, he had no choice but to receive treatments. Within a few short months, letters from the insurance company of the garbage company starting coming, stating that he needed to "prove" he needed the treatments, they saw no reason for treatments, and were talking legal terms, as well as "lawsuit". Not having had to go through any of this before, we decided to contact a lawyer to look after this for us, we chose Kahler Law Firm based on a recommendation. Dean was able to continue to receive treatments. He was sent by both parties to many specialists to try to determine exactly what kind of damage had been done to him. However, he did not get better, and by midyear 2010, he realized he had no choice but to give up his company as he was no longer able to perform his work duties due to the injury. We continued on as best as we could with the help of a lawyer at Kahler Law Firm. However, just in time for a court hearing in 2013, this lawyer stopped working at this office, and a new lawyer, Matt Consky, took on Dean's case. Turns out, just in time! We were on the brink of losing our home, and declaring bankruptcy, as we had been robbing Peter to pay Paul without my husband working. Matt was simply amazing! He managed to get the financing necessary to hold onto our house. He was pleasant, outgoing, extremely determined and motivated to actually HELP us!!! We felt that he could actually feel the pain we were going through. I don't know where we would be now had we not had Matt's help! Every phone call, every email sent, was replied to promptly by Matt. The assistants helped Matt and us to make sure that they had what they needed in order to be able to really help us. The confidence radiated like it never had before! We felt nothing but gratitude and relief! When we had to meet with the lawyers and insurance company, despite every trick they tried, Matt was able to help Dean remain calm, and reassured him once again that this was just a trick. After only a few months with Matt, our case was over...Dean was able to obtain a settlement to pull us up a bit and put us back on track. Although Dean will never be the same again, and will always suffer the pain from the accident, this helped Dean gain back his self-confidence, and has since started working for a company as an employee. He will never get back what he lost, financially or health-wise, but with his renewed self-confidence, thanks mainly to Matt, he is now managing the pain and we are managing financially. Since first meeting Matt, we knew we were suddenly in extremely good hands, and he pulled through and proved our instincts to be correct. I really don't know where we'd be without your help Matt! Thank you again! You've been a God-send to us, working a miracle!
Nash Realtor on 2018-05-11
 Going the extra mile is the standard, the Brennan Team does coupled with a warm family feel and empathy. Great work.

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