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Address: Ste. 501 100 Sheppard Ave. E. North York, Ontario M2N 6N5
Lawyer Firm: Frodis, Dani Z., Barristers
Phone: 416-218-8888
Fax: 416-218-0333
Email: ilana@frosislaw.ca
Website: frosislaw.ca

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Address: 100 Sheppard Ave E #501, North York, ON M2N 6N5, Canada
Phone: (416) 218-8888
Website: http://www.frodislaw.ca/
LL H on 2020-02-25
 After interviewing more than 15 lawyers and retaining a few, I finally found MY lawyer, Dani Frodis, in 2017.Being up against an angry, narcissistic, manipulative and dishonest adversary who refused to disclose his financial means for years, rejected my offers for mediation/arbitration for almost a year and who is incapable of co-parenting for the children’s benefit, is hard enough, without having the extra stress of dealing with lawyers with grotesque egos and self-serving agendas.When Dani took on my case, he did so in a way that showed me that he saw through the façade that the adversary sought to create and he respected my need to stand up for my and my children’s legal rights for what is fair.Where other lawyers arrogantly “knew what was best”, either delaying in taking needed action or coercing me into signing agreements that were not in the children’s or my own best interest (but suited their own time constraints, scheduling conflicts and holidays), Dani listened and did the right thing for me.Despite Dani’s incredible intelligence, experience and many successes over his decades in practice and court, his ego is the right size and he can keep his in check.Once you have his ear, Dani Frodis is an excellent listener. Dani has consistently shown himself to be patient, respectful, thoughtful and an excellent communicator.The team of lawyers that Dani has chosen at Frodis Family Law are excellent and share similar qualities.Dani Frodis does not hesitate to give his opinion, based on his knowledge of the law even if it was not what I hoped to hear at times, and is unique in giving his opinion without exhibiting an arrogant attitude.Of all the lawyers I met with, Dani Frodis was literally the ONLY lawyer who actually took the time to look carefully at the legal documents and evidence that I brought to his office during our first consultation.Motion after motion, settlement conference after settlement conference, Dani Frodis and his team conducted themselves with integrity. I have not seen any hint of dishonesty from Dani or a desire to manipulate evidence or the law. I cannot say the same of my adversary and his lawyer.At trial, I could not have asked for a better lawyer than Dani Frodis to represent me (along with his associate lawyer Arin Tint, who is beyond outstanding). Dani put me at ease, day after day, during the entire nauseating ordeal.Though no person or lawyer can be expected to be perfect, I can honestly say that I think Dani Frodis is one of the best divorce lawyers in Toronto. I have recommended him to anyone in need and will continue to do so.
Marcos Noguera on 2019-08-22
 For me this lawyer's office is the best in Toronto, I have a great experience, Mr. Frodis is very knowledgeable, and respectful Lawyer, and the best of all it's a good person.
Yvonne Keller on 2019-04-13
 excellent law firm. Dani and his team excellent.. and this is my 3rd law firm after a very long and drawn out divorce. wish I knew about them earlier.
Andy Shaw on 2015-08-25
 My wife and I had to go through a divorce and I thought that she would have won because she had these extremely pricey defense lawyers, but I went to Frodis Dani Z for help. They were amazing and had my back the whole way. They were excellent and were much less expensive than my wife's. We won the case and I got to keep custody of my child! Thank you Frodis Dani Z!

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