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Address: 177 Tie Rd., Mun. Kincardine, RR 2, Bldg. B10, 6th Flr. PO Box 1540 Tiverton, Ontario N0G 2T0
Lawyer Firm: Bruce Power L.P.
Phone: 519-361-1954
Fax: 519-361-4333
Email: jennifer.tuer@brucepower.com
Website: brucepower.com

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Address: 177 Tie Rd, Tiverton, ON N0G 2T0, Canada
Phone: (519) 361-2673
Website: http://www.brucepower.com/
Total Rock134391 on 2020-02-14
 Far better than fossil fuels, favourite part is the fact its nuclear energy, my favourite renewable energy source!
Stephen Levangie on 2020-02-05
 Great place to work. They are incredibly involved with the surrounding community and obsessed with safety and education. Anyone that post negative reviews about this generating station because they are antinuclear have no idea what they are talking about. Bruce Power generates 30% of the provinces power AND does it 30% cheaper then the average cost of electricty. Winter nesting spot for bald eagles as well.
Xavier Ouellette on 2019-12-16
 Great place to work. but why is the building glowing
Tony Bernard on 2019-09-03
 Very interesting assignment back 5 years ago. Worked there for 6 months reviewing practices and jobs. Great people and did thing well!
end CAPITALISM NOW! on 2019-07-07
 Although many people believe that nuclear energy is bad for the environment the truth is it is one of the safest types of electricity. The bad things about nuclear power is that the price of building the reactor is over 1 billion l dollars! And the nuclear waste transportation can cost. Although it is one of the most powerful ways to get electricity to our homes. Nuclear energy can make the world a better and greener place.

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