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Reviews for Abrams & Krochak, Canadian Immigration Lawyers
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Address: 250 Merton St #402, Toronto, ON M4S 1B1, Canada
Phone: (416) 482-3387
Website: https://www.akcanada.com/
agnes Muvira on 2020-03-21
 This is the second time I am using the services of A&K, and I was once again impressed by the professionalism, the 24 hours response policy and the great support of your team. I would really recommend anyone who needs immigration's services to go through A&K firm. Excellent services!
Tural Guliyev on 2020-02-11
 Simply put, spectacular immigration service provider! A&K's high professionalism, responsiveness and in-detail advise made my post-application process so smooth! At some point, it could be seemed they dive too much in detail and require too many documents in the process, but you realize the virtue of all these in post-application stage when you see how it all was worth it! Much appreciative of the service received by A&K team, and hope they will continue this way!
Stephan Hartzenberg on 2020-01-22
 We successfully progressed from start to finish using A&K. Very thorough and insightful. Their attention to detail is so advanced, it can be frustrating at times, but ultimately it ensures that whatever is submitted to the authorities is absolutely correct, saving time and money ultimately. Would recommend them without hesitation.
James Campbell on 2020-01-21
 I received my permanent residence this week and would highly recommend using Abrams & Krochak. They were extremely thorough and did not hesitate to spend time on the application to make sure it was correct even though I paid a fixed fee. Emily was brilliant and promptly responded to all my emails.

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