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Reviews for AG Injury Law Office
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Address: 2020 Winston Park Dr #104, Oakville, ON L6H 6X7, Canada
Phone: (800) 870-3194
Website: https://aginjurylaw.ca/
Kassie Boren on 2020-05-26
 Alex worked very hard for us and was a joy to work with. He explained everything in a way we appreciated and he was honest with what to expect. So glad our matter was taken care of quickly.
Damini Akter on 2020-01-30
 I am very pleased with the representation I received. They had excellent communication and very genuine throughout the process. They're well prepared and got me the results I was hoping for.
Tammi Kizer on 2020-04-08
 The group at AG Injury Law Office worked hard on my case and I got a fair comparative settlement. Thank you for everything you did for me. I was having a frustrating time working with the Insurance and I am pleased with the outcome.
Jay Alzon on 2019-10-17
 Thank you AG Injury Law Office for your dedication and hard work to achieve the best possible outcome for my case!! I received the best communication and attention during a difficult time, it is much appreciated. I highly recommend anyone looking for help to give the team a try, they will not disappoint!
Joffrey Kana on 2019-11-26
 I was taken care of in a difficult situation from start to finish by everyone at AG Law Firm. Everyone in the office was decent and caring and I appreciate everything they did for me. I didn’t think I’d be well taken care of by an lawyers office but they truly exceeded my expectations.

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