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Address: 10800 97 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6, Canada
Phone: (780) 415-9406
Website: https://www.alberta.ca/justice-and-solicitor-gener
PLACIDE PRO on 2019-09-01
 this is an amazing place for wedding stuff
Craig Ramstad on 2018-05-18
 Your office is the best I own a thousand dollar court fine I was unable to pay because I'm a low income bum I coul dnt work it off because the city of edmonton injured me in an auto accident witch left me physically handicapped so the only option is go to jail I was waiting too get paid from the justice department for my services on a case I was hired to assist with but alberta justice doesn't wanna pay me for my services so you guys win as I decided to go ahead with suicide so congratulations on injuring me and pushing me to my final brink in life and giving up on society keep up the great work

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