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Address: 675 Cochrane Drive, East Tower, 6th Floor, Markham, ON L3R 0B8, Canada
Phone: (877) 791-6335
Website: https://www.russellalexander.com/markham/
Paige Michelle on 2020-01-24
 Wonderful first meeting! Staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Susanna and Penny exceeded our expectations and made us feel very comfortable. We feel we are definitely in good hands.
Amanda Taylor on 2019-12-04
 Had the best sleep after my first initial visit here.... thank you so much for your listening ear! Highly recommend. They get right to the point and know how to run a firm. :)
Wilda Mikkelsen on 2017-03-09
 Markham, a smart, helpful knowledgeable lawyer, tries to find out real cause of success ever. I have been a fan of him considering his outstanding winning nature even human mind. Success is an abstract thing which is easy for Markham. I got one hour free counsel from this nice guy. Thanks for your kind nature.
Maria lee on 2017-05-05
 I have again gone to Russell to help me with his counsel. His responsiveness, learning and genuineness amid a mind-boggling divorce kept me steady. Russell and his group were constantly connected with when required. They made great use of my retainer by using the correct staff for the correct assignment. The legal advisors gave incredible and quality administration. I generally felt that my needs were met and that the firm put resources into my case and me. He is a quality lawyer who anybody would need to procure.

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