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Address: 1555 Dundas St W, Mississauga, ON L5C 1E3, Canada
Phone: (905) 896-6952
Website: http://www.aliquotlaw.com/Home_Page.html
Abdul Rahman on 2016-03-21
 Bello Law are the most professional law office I have ever dealt with, all of their staff are just amazing and very professional and pay great attention to detail, I have used Bellow law for well over seven years. All the way from the receptionist to the most helpful of all Robin who took care of my every legal need. Robin was very professional and taking care of all my documents and making sure all paperwork was completed property. I would recommend Burhana and her team to all my friends and family. Buying and selling real estate is a very stressful event, Robin made it very easy, with her diligent attention to paperwork an excellent personal skills, and above all, protecting us in all legal matters pertaining to the sale and purchase of our homes.
Akaashi Khan on 2016-12-11
 I get all my real estate business done here. Robin has been amazing for both my family and I. Everyone here is friendly. Never had a problem during my multiple transactions, whether it was selling or buying.
ANA Carter on 2017-08-04
 My favourite lawyer in the world. Robin is amazing and so helpful.

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