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Address: 103 Church St, Toronto, ON M5C 2G3, Canada
Phone: (416) 548-9082
Website: http://www.ashamalla.ca/
Yasmin R. Mahmoud on 2019-01-16
 The best immigration lawyer in Toronto.. a lawyer who is very honest and works with ethics. I was really lucky to have him as my lawyer.
Danial Rajabi on 2018-11-27
 Ashamalla law is the best Immigration and Refugee law firm in Canada. Not only they are experts, unlike other law firms they are also very caring and kind. I highly recommend them.
Raed Al Sara on 2019-04-04
 Mr Ashamallah. Best Immigration Lawyer in town.
Dina Guirguis on 2019-02-07
 Ashamallah law is the best law firm in Canada.
BCR BCR on 2018-12-11
 Great lawyer as well as great work ethics

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