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Address: 300 Borough Dr, Scarborough, ON M1P 4P5, Canada
Phone: (416) 901-9638
Website: https://www.axesslaw.com/
yhGracia Guo on 2020-03-24
 I searched the Notary public online and found the Axess has the very convenient location to me and a wide range of public notary service. I called the reservation phone line and the lady is very nice and made an appointment for me on the same day. The lawyer I talked on the phone is so warm and the lawyer helped me in the office is professional and very kind.
P.T. Lucas on 2020-05-19
 Very Professional service. We met with a member of staff on line who talked us through the whole process. We had no complaints and would use again. Good value for money.
Gilles Bondy on 2020-05-23
 I had a great experience dealing with Axess law when I got a letter notarized on May 21st. Notary was prompt, courteous and well informed. And great price. I will definitely use there service again in the future.
BBQ Test Pit on 2020-05-13
 I needed documents notarized in the midst of a pandemic. I sent in a request, got a callback extremely quickly, and set up a virtual meeting. I was sent an email with a few instructions and guidance for things I should have ready. Everything was clear and easy to follow. My meeting took less than 10 minutes, and I had my signed documents in my inbox. And the price was fantastic too!
Thiru K on 2020-02-28
 I’ve been going to Axess Law for almost 4 years now and am satisfied with their services. The prices are reasonable and the legal professionals are thorough and efficient. They tell you upfront what their fees are, and scheduling an appointment with them ensures your transaction is completed quickly and efficiently. The lawyers I have dealt with at Axess were very organized!

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