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Address: 10376 Yonge St Suite 101, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3B8, Canada
Phone: (905) 237-7721
Website: http://www.baghbanilaw.com/
Anu Malik on 2019-05-31
 Baghbani Law helped me achieve a great settlement, more than I had expected. Ms Baghbani is very knowledgeable, professional, attentive and friendly. She referred me to one of the best rehab centres where I got top class treatment for my injuries. She answered all my questions in a timely manner. I would recommend her highly and with confidence to anyone who is looking for a professional to handle their Personal Injury claims.
Shaun Neil on 2019-12-12
 Best lawyer i have ever used they really take the time to explain things to you. They sure look after all the paperwork and make it very easy on you . i totally recommend this firm .
Auto House Used Car inc. on 2019-06-07
 Baghbani Law have done an outstanding job at helping me with all the paperwork getting my new house! Very professional, always taking time to help me with any questions and available at any time! They provided me with great advice and helped me understand everything throughout the process. HIGHLY recommend them and I would definitely go back to them with any other issues. Thank you!!
Sean Rowhani on 2020-01-15
 Excellent Service, I do recommend Baghbani's Law to my friends & family
Mona on 2019-06-04
 I wanted to thank Baghbani Law and the amazing team one more time by writing a review. Where do I even begin ! I purchased 2 houses and both times it was such a smooth process! I am so blessed and truly thankful to know that you guys ensure everything is done on time . They called me , emailed me regarding the process both times and they walked me through it . I can’t thank you guys enough! 100% recommend Baghbani Law and the team ! You guys rock

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