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Address: 119 New Cove Rd, St. John's, NL A1A 2C5, Canada
Phone: (709) 738-7897
Website: https://bakerlaws.ca/
Nancy Barry on 2019-03-26
 I had the opportunity of a life time to meet Averill a lot of people judge her on her past mistakes however we all made or will mistakes it is how we deal with them that makes a difference. She has continued work under scrutiny and judgement yet she keeps her head up high and fearlessly fights on to fight the cases that come to her. I respect her she does not give up and anyone who retains her as a lawyer is very fortunate to have her represent them in court. I had opportunity to volunteer with her and I learned so much in one day she gave me encouragement and never looked down on me. I had a very low self esteem but Averill brought that up. I would recommend her to anyone as well she may be the next supreme judge she is a hard-working loyal lawyer , and a friend.
bonnie wade on 2013-01-28
 Mrs Baker is a well lawyer,known to many as the best lawyer to give advice too,and also I remend her to many people,she knows the law,and the law knows her.Yet she stands her grounds,and anything she can pick out in a fault on either side of the law is done. I honestly believe Mrs Baker makes other lawyers look out of place,she fights to the bitter end.I give her name to anyone in trouble ,she is a strong lady and law dont bother her,she says it as she sees it,and the wrongs and wrights in all .Mrs Baker deserves a gold medal ,for her work ,a awesome lawyer.

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