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Address: 25 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8P 1H1, Canada
Phone: (905) 521-1898
Website: http://www.hamiltonfamilylawyer.ca/
Gina schwarz on 2018-04-13
 Deborah Barfknecht was my lawyer in my case, and she was a great asset through a very difficult time. She was very patient with me and explained things clearly and walked me through all the work needed to get done. I have kids and she understood that they were my top priority, it was important to me how they were affected by all this and she was wonderful and caring throughout my divorce and maintained my children as a top priority. I give her 5 stars all the way.
Francesca Kopitzke on 2018-02-22
 I had Ms. Barfknecht as my lawyer in my divorce, and I have to say if your looking for a lawyer she is the lawyer you want! . From our first consultation to the final weeks, I was always well informed and everything was thoroughly explained to me, which was at times complicated not to mention overwhelming. Hands down she should be rated out of a 100 and get a 100. My now ex, fought me on everything. he was relentless, and she went up against him on every issue. My child’s stability and well being through all this was my biggest priority, Ms. Barfknecht listened and addressed all my needs and concerns. Ms. Barfknecht was very knowledgeable and strategic in my case. I can only say that I was amazed with the results, she really cares about her clients. Ms. Barfknecht was highly recommended to me and I’m very glad that she was!
Brianna Green on 2018-02-22
 I gave Ms. Barfknecht 5 stars. I am very busy and needed a no-nonsense straight to the point lawyer. She handled my case quickly and proficiently. I highly recommend Ms. Barfknecht

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