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Address: 113 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 4S5, Canada
Phone: (866) 961-4963
Website: http://www.calvinbarry.ca/
Felix Fortin on 2019-12-13
 I was accused of domestic abuse by my ex as a way for her to get custody of our children. I would like to get more into the details of my case, as it goes well beyond that. Calvin got my charges dismissed almost immediately and turned the tables on my wife, levelling valid charges against her. I felt empowered and relieved to have him by my side through this. Very very smart lawyer.
Jasmine Ferguson on 2020-03-11
 If you need a DUI lawyer, call Calvin. I saw that he got Rick Vaive off a few years back and so I hired him for my son's case. Excellent resolution considering the charges he faced. He is the real deal.
Balquis Abdallah on 2019-12-09
 I was recommended Calvin through a close friend. I was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after defending myself at a bar. Calvin got my case dismissed entirely after the truth and video evidence emerged. Excellent experience and would recommend.
Achille Sartre on 2020-05-16
 Very good team working here. Thank you!

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