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Address: 686 W Broadway #700, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1G1, Canada
Phone: (604) 874-0204
Website: http://beckrobinson.com/
Glen Hutchinson on 2018-08-24
 My name is Glen Hutchinson. I own a collection agency in Alberta. I needed some legal work done in British Columbia.Jennie Milligan of Beck Robinson & Company was the solicitor I found on Google. Dealing with Jennie Milligan was a true pleasure. She exceeded all my expectations. Jennie is very professional and astute. This lady knows her stuff and has a very: down to earth quality: about her as she works her legal magic.
clarence . on 2018-05-23
 Considering the fact that they are doing their job I cant hold it against them that they put a lien on my house thanks to bank of Mont.who I have no use for. But at least they are allowing me to make payments. They are not working for me but against me. So its very ironic that they gave me better advice than my own lawyer.
Shea Thomas on 2017-01-09
 Holds the record for "fastest resolution of a collection matter" that my company has ever seen. Affordable and competent handling of a fairly complicated contract/collections case. Would highly recommend.

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