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Address: 235 N Centre Rd Suite 104, London, ON N5X 4C9, Canada
Phone: (519) 673-5630
Website: http://belecky.ca/
Jacob Bodzek on 2020-02-08
 We use/recommend John for countless closings for our clients. Highly recommend. Competitive prices at way above average performance.
Rob Salton on 2019-04-10
 I have been using Belecky & Belecky for both Real Estate & Family law for many years, as did my father and my siblings. They have always made us feel very confident & comfortable, and assisted us in many of life's decisions, while ensuring our legalities & estates. I highly recommend them to my friends and acquaintances.
Marina Portnanskaya on 2019-06-16
 Best real estate lawyers in London. Very knowledgeable and 5-star service.
Anthony Sitko on 2018-10-04
 Competent, efficient, reasonable. Belecky & Belecky helped us buy our first house, create wills and several other legal matters. We trust John's advice implicitly and love having him available as a resource.
Dani on 2019-04-08
 Great law firm to deal with both personally and professionally.

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