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Address: 1033 Bay St #207, Toronto, ON M5S 3A5, Canada
Phone: (416) 969-9263
Website: http://www.maxberger.ca/
nomi g on 2019-12-30
 Max Berger is an outstanding immigration law firm. They are professional, knowledgeable and dedicated. If you are looking for a great immigration lawyer..please look no further. Max Berger and interpreter Mr Saleem Butt are truly amazing. They are super attentive and dedicated. They are always available via email or phone to answer all questions in detail, I know them for 20 years and being helped with more than six sponsorship cases I'm very glad to choose Max Berger as my lawyer and highly recommend them for anyone has a problem with his/her immigration process. Thank you Mr Berger and Mr Saleem.
Sonia Asif on 2020-02-21
 I went to max berger law to get humanitarian and compassionate application. It was approved within 1 year. Max Berger is an amazing person who truly cares about seeing his clients be happy. We had an excellent experience and highly recommended to everyone! Thank you Max Berger!
Pinky Arora on 2019-08-29
 One of the finest, amazing upfront lawyer. No false Hope's given by Mr Burger. Addresses every timely application necessities. I was lucky with my spousal application being processed by Mr Burgers firm. I have and will forward my family and friends to him.
Asfandyar Muhammad on 2018-11-15
 Excellent experience with Mr Max Berger and Mr Saleem Mr Saleem has helped me in every possible way since my first day in Canada. I am not stressed about my case because of the trust Mr Saleem and Mr Max Berger have gained through their work on my case. May God bless them both. Regards Muhammad Asfandyar

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