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Address: 36 Lombard St #100, Toronto, ON M5C 2X3, Canada
Phone: (647) 526-9850
Website: http://www.bigionidefence.com/
Kimberly on 2020-03-12
 Before I state my review, I will start by saying Andrew Bigioni is an incredible lawyer. He not only takes care of his clients, but also the people that stand by them. I am speaking on the behalf of a family member associated with his client. The client was charged with multiple serious offences for crimes he did not commit. His client and myself were in extreme panic as we were never exposed to this type of situation before. We strongly believed that our lives were going to change for the worse.His client and I tried to contact multiple lawyers who responded late or did not respond at all. It is understandable that lawyers are busy, although when a lawyer is emergently needed, it is nerve-wrecking to receive nothing at all. Thankfully, Andrew was easily accessible and available to reach (via email/phone), where he guided us through every step in the process. Andrew was extremely calm yet confident, ready to take whatever situation was going to be thrown at him. From here, we told Andrew everything about the situation and he immediately believed us. Right away, Andrew was ready to handle the situation and advocate for his client.As a distressed client put into a rough situation, it is difficult to expose one’s vulnerability to a lawyer. Andrew was genuine, empathetic and hopeful, guiding strength and faith back into his client’s life. He easily built trust and safety to his client’s relationship in a professional manner, which is not easy to do. Andrew worked collaboratively with his client, clarifying he had understood everything happening in the situation and what will happen in steps moving forward. Delightedly, he even explained the process to the client’s family, expressing how we can help. Personally I have never seen my family member regain so much hope.After a long, complicated case, Andrew had proven my family member’s innocence. I am not exaggerating by saying he had saved his client’s and his family’s life. Andrew is professional, knowledgeable, readily available, confident and an advocate in court. I am thankful for the services he has given my family. If you are looking for a lawyer, I cannot guarantee the same outcome for you. Although, if you want a powerful lawyer who will fight for you, I strongly recommend Andrew Bigioni.
Bruce Lii on 2020-05-09
 Andrew Bigioni is a very talented lawyer, he came to my rescue when I needed him the most when my life was about to turn for worse. I was charged with multiple cases that I didn't do as the accuser was determined to put me in jail. My self esteemed was very low because the charges was degrading and defaming that I don't know if my own family would even believe me to the point of me wanting to commit suicide. But when I met Andrew Bigioni and explained to him everything he then assured me that all the charges will be dropped and I will be acquitted. Sure enough when he went to work everything went our way and got the accuser to tell lies after lies to the point that it is so hard to believe. Andrew Bigioni is a good hearted man at the same time a beast when at court fighting for you. I would highly recommend Andrew Bigioni if same occasion arise to you. If your life defends on it don't think twice about getting him to fight for you as he is the best at what he does and he is really in to it.
Ryan tostik on 2019-09-19
 Andrew Bigioni is an outstanding lawyer and I couldn’t be happier that I hired him to handle my case. I was charged with extremely serious offences for something that I absolutely did not do. Not only did Andrew believe me from the start, he stayed in my corner the entire way, through the beginning stages of the case, through the preliminary inquiry and all the way to trial. He challenged the crown and its witnesses every step of the way and never stopped fighting to prove my innocence. He brought several complicated pre-trial motions that flustered the crown attorney and put them on the defensive. In the end all of my charges were stayed and I walked out of the courthouse a free man. With a newborn son in my life and facing a lengthy prison sentence this case couldn’t have been more important to me and my family. Andrew was available to me by phone and email throughout the process and always ensured I knew what was going on in my case. I can’t recommend him highly enough and will always be grateful to him for the work he did for me. You should hire this lawyer.
kushal hoolass on 2019-01-24
 Very dedicated, hard working and professional man. Hiring Andrew gave me a peace of mind as I knew and was reassured I was in good hands. Definitely one of the best- both as a person and as a professional. I would 100% recommend him!!
Damien Starks on 2019-06-26
 If you're reading this review, odds are you're searching for legal representation. I found myself in a similar situation in the not-so-distant past. I will be brief regarding the details of my previous circumstance, however, it pertained to a criminal matter (my first and last offense). Since I had never been involved in a situation like this before, I had no idea what the process was (for anything) and quickly became overwhelmed while trying to secure legal representation. I contacted numerous law offices over the course of two weeks; half of them never called me back and the other half seemed thoroughly disingenuous and unwilling to listen to the specifics of my situation - this was until I contacted Andrew. Now, before I continue, is it important to know that I am not benefiting from this review in any way, shape or form - my case has already been resolved. I am only writing this review because my representation helped me out of a tough situation and knowing how hard and overwhelming the entire process can be - if this helps one person, it is well worth the time spent writing it. Okay, so how did he help me out? Well, you could say he saved my life. Is that hyperbole? Probably. However, it's not as far off as you would think. When this first occured, I did not know what to do, how to act, or what was going to happen to me - I was stressed out and panicking. I thought I had ruined my life. I thought I was going to lose my partner, job, and home. I contacted Andrew via email and spoke on the phone with him briefly that same day to set up a meeeting. At this meeting, we went over the details of my case and he gave me a generic idea of how these matters normally play out. From this meeting alone, I could tell that he was a caring, hard working, honest and genuine. In light of these qualities, I knew this was the person I wanted to represent me; my instincts were right. In the end, I received the best possible outcome I could have imagined or hoped for - seriously. I didn't lose my home, partner, or job - yes, he kinda saved my life. Obviously, I can't guarantee the same for you. However, I can gaurentee that your are doing yourself a serious disservice if you find yourself in a legal situation and do not consider his services.

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