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Reviews for Boghossian Morais Immigration and Refugee Lawyers
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Address: 24 Bayswater Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2E4, Canada
Phone: (613) 701-0109
Website: http://bmlawyers.ca/
Atylla Fernandes on 2020-11-19
 Adolfo is the BEST immigration lawyer in Ottawa. He is very attentive during appointments, gives amazing advice and delivers results. I'd recommend him to anyone trying to solve immigrations issues or applying for visas and permits.
Newton Silva on 2020-10-23
 My father was a lawyer, and my daughter is a lawyer as well, therefore I have been around lawyers my whole life and I know for sure when I meet a good one. Adolfo is among the few great ones I have met! Why? He takes ownership of his cases! Thank you for the awesome job you did, Adolfo!
Omar Saleh on 2020-07-16
 I never left a review ever in my life. Honestly Adolfo was the best immigration lawyer I ever I met. Honest and professional (and personal at the same time). I’m not gonna discuss my personal case in public but he handled it greatly, eased the worries and was straight up honest about every step. And at the end it worked for me ????. 100% I recommend.
Slim Essid on 2020-10-19
 Excellent service and very understanding. Mr Morais will go above and beyond which is quite rare nowadays!
Nick Renaud on 2020-09-02
 Adolfo Morais was attentive, patient, and very helpful. I would highly recommend him!

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