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Address: 837 W Hastings St #408, Vancouver, BC V6C 3N6, Canada
Phone: (604) 684-4211
Website: https://www.bordersolutionslaw.com/
Jaki D on 2020-02-06
 I worked with Mark after I was denied entry into the US as a tourist. He helped me through the process and was able to enter the US again! Great experience.
Sam Kim on 2019-10-31
 Suraj, my sincere appreciation for making this E2 visa granted for myself and my boys. Dozens said "No" to my case, but you've listened my case very carefully and proceeded with care and your experienced knowledge. You have opened a new chapter for my family. Will keep you updated my Friend. All the best for your family.
Kevin Armstrong on 2019-12-16
 When I went to Toronto to get my visa, Mark provided me with a complete binder, and his cell number should something go wrong. 14 of us in a room at the American Consulate. I was the second to be called. I was approved in six minutes. I'm at the airport in the Air Canada lounge flying back to Vancouver, and a person who was also applying for an E-1 from the same room was turned down. He used a Seattle lawyer, paid more than I did and had to start the entire process all over again. According to him I was one of three out of 14 who was approved. Border Solutions Rocks!
Ben Lim on 2019-08-01
 Suraj and his team at Border Solutions Law Group did an awesome job handling my claim, which resulted from someone rear ending us in Seattle.I was referred by a local lawyer to reach out to a couple lawyers that specializes in cross border claims like mine, and I spoke to two including Border Solutions Law Group. Suraj was the only one that actually phoned me, and explained everything to me based on my brief description of the claim. From that point on, I felt comfortable and confident having them represent me.Throughout the claim process, I was updated via email and they would answer all my questions when asked.After a few offers, we ended up settling the claim that I was very pleased with.If you are ever in the unfortunate position where you were involved in an accident south of the border, I was highly recommend Border Solutions Law Group.
susan williams on 2019-04-11
 choosing Border solutions was by far one of my best decisions ever! My case was slightly complicated due to the fact I previously had a green card that had expired. Suraj and his team did a fantastic job! He helped me get my green card via sponsorship through my daughter. I will never be able to thank him enough. Mark was also fantastic to work with. I highly recommend Border solutions if you are looking for positive results. They took all the pain out of a long and sometimes lengthy procedure. Thank you Suraj yet again!

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