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Address: 9131 Keele St Unit A4, Vaughan, ON L4K 0G7, Canada
Phone: (416) 512-2529
Website: http://www.bprlitigation.com/
Patricia D. on 2019-09-25
 I retained BPR after looking around at a couple of firms and I was very impressed with their results. High recommended!
AMANDA PI on 2019-10-21
 Very professional. Goes above and beyond for his clients. Justin Baichoo listens and provides all informations regarding to your case. Highly recommend his services!
kt3288 . on 2019-10-12
 The lawyer is very professional and responsive with great insight on the case. Highly recommended.
blackberry lhui on 2019-09-25
 Personal Services with Wonderful results! Highly Highly Recommended.
Evelyne MacPherson on 2019-09-27
 The staff were incredibly friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Big shout out to Justin Baichoo for all of his help!

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