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Address: 171 Water St #300, Vancouver, BC V6B 1A7, Canada
Phone: (604) 424-8488
Website: https://www.bkfamilylaw.ca/
Jonathan Aitken on 2020-02-13
 I would like to highly recommend Michelle Kooy and her assistant Aman Gill. I felt very well represented by Michelle and Aman is totally on the ball. Their professionalism and attention to detail never faltered from beginning to end. I found Michelle mid way through my collaborative separation after my lawyer went on a sudden medical leave. Michelle and Aman picked up my file and did a great job addressing my needs. Communication was always there and I can not say enough for the way they handled my divorce. Truly grateful. -E
Courtney Vye on 2019-06-28
 Michelle Kooy is one of the best. When I originally contacted Michelle for legal advice she was very welcoming. Our journey together spanned 5 years and I am forever grateful for Michelle's ability to help guide me through the legal process but also understand that my emotions were riding very high at times and I needed space to let everything sink in. Michelle is one of the most organized people I have ever met and always had a smile on her face. I had no concept of the legal process and Michelle had a great way of breaking everything down so I knew I was always making the best possible decision for myself and my son.
Roxanne Reid on 2019-04-05
 I've worked with Michelle and Joe over the past decade. They are very knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of family law and their calm demeanour is much-appreciated during the often tumultuous divorce and custody process. Both are extremely practical and down-to-earth, and not looking to create more work than necessary. They are also extremely resourceful and when something is outside of their expertise, go the extra mile to research into it, and if necessary, bring in or refer you to someone else. I was excited when they started up their own firm and like the boutique atmosphere provided by them, while still having the breadth and depth to service you as needed. I would gladly send anyone to Broadhurst & Kooy for any and all of their family legal needs, and if I ever decide to get married again, would certainly be consulting them upfront.
Gregarious on 2019-06-28
 Michelle Kooy is a brilliant and compassionate individual, understands family law inside/out, highly skilled and an absolutely fabulous negotiator in terms of “keeping things civil” (note: negotiation is what I do for a living, so I can attest to this). I can’t imagine any separation/divorce proceeding being anything less than emotionally draining, but Michelle kept me on point and “held my hand” throughout the process. The paperwork aside, Michelle advised me in terms of when I needed to speak up and when I needed to keep my mouth shut……if I opened my mouth anyway, she helped me get my foot back out of it. I have absolute confidence in recommending Michelle to anyone unfortunate enough to have need of her services.
OTILIA ODDOU on 2019-04-20
 Michelle and Joe are fantastic lawyers, they worked as a team. Joe was the one who is handling my case. He is an exceptional Lawyer and an empathic human being. Not only, he is a competent lawyer with an in-depth knowledge of family law but also has his client's interest at heart. Joe helped me out at a time when I was struggling with my separation but also with an incompetent lawyer. He was my lifeline when I felt I was drowning. When I first met him, he handled everything from my difficult separation to the dispute with the other lawyer. He released me from a huge weight. I'm a francophone and my English is not perfect so he would always make the effort to talk to me in french so I could understand the important information. I consider him a part of my family. Thank you to Joe and his devoted team for resolving my separation and for always treating me like a human being. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

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