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Address: 150 Cliffe St r6, Fredericton, NB E3A 0A1, Canada
Phone: (506) 449-1200
Website: http://www.burkelaw.ca/
Chelsea D. on 2019-02-25
 Always Professional and great with guidance and assistance. Highly Recommend
John Rattie on 2019-03-06
 Grrat service, the best defense lawyers in the City.
Khalid Hasan on 2018-06-21
 Good advice on legal matters pertaining to diabetes from Charlie Bird
Amanda Martin on 2018-06-20
 TJ Burke is absolutely one of the most amazing lawyers I've had the opportunity to work with. No one ever wants to be in a situation where you need to be defended and trying to find the right representation is crucial to the outcome of your case. My husband has been dealing with a very difficult situation and TJ not only has the legal expertise but also the social skills to understand the complexities and see the truth, allowing him to properly defend. He engages his entire team and he isn't afraid of a challenge. He's real, down to earth and extremely reasonable. We thought starting with a lawyer who was cheaper would be more cost efficient but it turned into a nightmare of very poor representation and excessive legal expenses. Had we hired TJ from the beginning my husband would not be dealing with the mess that TJ is graciously untangling today and would have been much cheaper to hire the right man for the job from the start. TJ is a pitbull in the courtroom. Words really can't describe the love we have for the entire professional team at Burke Law! I highly recommend TJ Burke, Emily Cochrane and everyone at Burke Law. Emily is an associate lawyer and please don't judge her by age. She may be young but she is an extremely smart, professional and dedicated lawyer who truly knows more about law than some lawyers who have decades of experience.
Brandon Hatchard on 2018-06-21
 You won't find a better law firm in Atlantic Canada.

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