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Address: 41 Madison Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 2S2, Canada
Phone: (416) 979-2127
Website: http://www.butkowskylaw.com/
Khemraj Kharel on 2019-10-06
 Best immigration lawyer i had ever experienced.
arash mohammadi on 2019-03-19
 It's been almost a year that I am being his client He does not work for money, just told him ,I have no money, and then he said I don't work for money sir ! He is the best professional lawyer .
Allan G on 2013-07-13
 I have known Larry Butkowsky professionally for over 20 years. During that time, I have referred countless immigration and refugee clients to him. The feedback I have received from these clients about Larry's services has been outstanding. Larry is knowledgeable, thorough and extremely capable. He handles his clients with patience and compassion. He also responds to his client's inquiries in a timely manner. I feel fortunate to be able to refer immigration and refugee clients to Larry. I highly recommend his services.

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