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Reviews for Tullio A. D’Angela Professional Corporation
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Address: 365 Bay St #200, Toronto, ON M5H 2V1, Canada
Phone: (647) 490-9444
Website: https://www.tadlaw.ca/
Angel Shyloh on 2020-03-13
 I am so happy with Tullio. He is very fair, empathetic and works hard. He is extremely ethical. I would recommend him to anyone.
hazeldene Stephen on 2020-03-15
 couple years ago I take a fell and someone tell me about this lawyer tullio A. D' Angela when I have no faith in my self he let me know everything is going to be fine and today I have no regret I walk away winner he is the best of what he do Tullio A.D' Angela
Cindy Donovan on 2019-11-21
 Mr. D'Angela is beyond professional and cares about his clients!! He kept me informed at all times. He explained things in great detail and guided me with his expertise. He worked on my behalf and I really appreciate everything he and his team did for me! Would highly recommend them! Thank you so much for all your help!!!
YOULIVBEAUTY on 2019-11-17
 Thank you Tullio for handling my case with excellent professionalism and attentiveness. Great follow ups and communication I must say made me very confident and comfortable that he will get the job done and the results were successful! I will be a loyal client of his time and time again.
Christine Kou on 2019-08-27
 Tullio is not only professional but he is also very caring of his clients. He was extremely helpful and friendly - he was able to calm my anxiety and patiently walked me through what I should expect from my case. I had already referred him to my two other friends and they both appreciated his help! Of course, I won my case because of Tullio! Thanks again!

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