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Address: 344 Slater St. 8th Floor, Ottawa, ON K1A 1E1, Canada
Phone: (888) 214-1090
Website: https://www.chrc-ccdp.gc.ca/
??????? on 2019-10-10
 It's great
Adriana Cristescu on 2018-04-06
 The entrance is all in marble with two security guards present and a lot of cameras monitoring every move, at the ground level of a downtown Ottawa Ontario high rise building, but it is not written anywhere that the adress in Slater St., is of the Human rights commission. To my surprise, there is no way the security will allow me or any other person go upsatirs to get sny information about anything at all. Even when I explained myself frankly sbout the necessity to talk to someone about a frstrating issue that I have been facing for more than four years now, all I have got was a website and couple of eight hundred phone numbers that did't lead to anything helpful. It was like a dead end before even a beginning. Oh, Canada!....

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