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Address: 522 Seventh St #330, New Westminster, BC V3M 5T5, Canada
Phone: (604) 523-7090
Website: http://www.cassadylaw.com/
Costin Ghiocel on 2019-12-06
 Amazing service! I was not even a client yet and had a number of questions about a purchase contract. Andrew looked over it, called me back and took his time to explain all the details and address all of my concerns. Above and beyond what i expected -- Thank you!
Thomas Marshall on 2019-10-09
 Great Law Firm. They've helped with our mortgage twice.
Joanne K on 2019-12-28
 Very professional and timely service.
John Gootee on 2018-12-04
 I was laid off by a former employer and questioned the fairness of the severance offer. Cassady lawyer Marcel Pytlewski represented me in the resulting discussions with the company. Marcel’s knowledge, professionalism and legal instincts were invaluable to me during the stressful negotiation process. He was generous with his time, fair with his billing, and dead-on with his assessment of the situation and advice. It went smoothly and stayed out of court, I’m convinced, because I had Marcel on my team.

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