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Address: 25 Main St W #1702, Hamilton, ON L8P 1H1, Canada
Phone: (905) 526-0736
Website: http://cenlawgroup.com/
Joanna Moro on 2019-10-29
 I came to Centennial Law Group for assistance in incorporating my business. I dealt with Philip Kuca. I was so pleased with the service provided. He is extremely knowledgeable on the topics I brought forward. After using him for my business, I then hired him for my Estate planning. I feel confident working with Philip and I wouldn't go anywhere else.
karen bouwman on 2019-09-16
 My husband and I were selling a property this year. Centennial Law Group was recommended to us by our realtor. Robert, Katie, and Victoria were very helpful and knowledgeable regarding the requirements of the sale. Any concerns were dealt with in a timely manner and in a very personable manner. I highly recommend Centennial Law Group.
Aleksejs Zamurujevs on 2019-10-22
 Exceedingly professional team of lawyers. Bought and sold my home with them and had absolutely no issues or delays. 100% recommend!
Colin Cannella on 2019-08-27
 Centennial law groups level of professionalism and attention to your needs is second to none. Phil made the process of incorporating my business easy and quick!
Jun Yuan on 2019-03-11
 This is the BEST Law Service Group. Very friendly, very professional, and very honest people. Highly recommend! They will support you and protect you! I am going to choose them again for the new property purchase. Thank you so much Jennifer Heintzman, and Jennifer Dixon.

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