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Address: 8291 Alexandra Rd #225, Richmond, BC V6X 1C3, Canada
Phone: (604) 283-7967
Website: http://chinesenotary.ca/
J C on 2020-02-05
 I had called around looking for a notary public whi can accommodate me by meeting late I the day or on the weekend. Michael was very flexible and met with us late in the day. When we met Michael was very professional throughout the process. He was very efficient and detailed. He can speak mandarin and was able to explain things to my Mom so that she understands.
Vivian Tang on 2019-10-01
 Will definitely go back and suggest friends to visit Michael's Notary for his efficient and professional service. Michael has provided me what I need for my company search. I will surely go back if I need to take affidavits or to witness some official signed documents.
Jenny Kwok on 2019-07-16
 I am very grateful that Micheal providing a fast and quality notary service. The response and processing time is very fast, the whole process is smooth and efficient. Although I am not in Vancouver and we had 15hours time difference but he still complete the whole process within 24 hrs. That really give me a big help. I am very appreciate. Thanks Michael.
Steven Chow on 2019-09-16
 I am a professional accountant myself and do expect a quality notary services. Michael surely meets my expectations and is able to provide me more insights and perspectives on the notary services I need. His quality and timely services are what I need. Thanks.
kemar wilks on 2019-09-05
 Michael is the only Notary I use as he is efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. I even needed a document notarized on the weekend once and he went out of his way to accommodate me. 2 thumbs up.

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