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Address: 614 Rue Saint-Jacques #500, Montréal, QC H3C 1E2, Canada
Phone: (514) 878-1808
Website: http://www.charnesslaw.com/
Merlin Joe on 2019-12-30
 So awesome people to dealt with :) !!!
Debbie Duckworth on 2020-01-06
 Got the services I went there for pleasant people.
Suzy Kes on 2019-07-05
 Sevana Poladian helped me win a case when other lawyers had told me I had no chance. She provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details. She is honest, smart, articulate and effective. Highly recommended!
Tristan Ledent on 2019-11-14
 Very professional, ethical and kind staff. Highly recommended.

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