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Address: 18 Regan Rd #18, Brampton, ON L7A 1C2, Canada
Phone: (905) 488-6557
Website: http://chhokarlaw.ca/
Kristie Dookwah on 2019-08-01
 Exceptional and very understanding lawyer. I came to her about my case and she explained to be all my rights. She works hard and does her very best to get the job done and keep her clients stress free. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a lawyer.
ijg projects on 2019-11-29
 A She is a Great Lawyer
Syed Armugham Ali LimoGuy on 2018-05-29
 Best lawyer. Helped me to make an affidavit in highly professional manner. She also gave me legal advice in same matter for no additional charge.

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