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Address: 1228 Kensington Rd NW #306, Calgary, AB T2N 3P7, Canada
Phone: (403) 221-9801
John William Wade on 2019-12-24
 Robert Clark has worked with a number of my clients over time. My clients and I have always remarked that he has a very distinct sense of humility and treats those that come to him with a strong sense of humanity. People who enter his office feel at ease and do not feel like they are on the clock. He is always sure to ask the right questions and ensures that his clients understand 100% what they are agreeing to and what their best options are. His style is one of collaboration. He believes in Win Win agreements as I do. If there are ever any hiccups they remain as hiccups and do not grow to be monumental disasters. His office is conveniently located right on Kensington Road and has a LOADING ZONE right outside the front door so you can park for free for a time. A little know fact about Robert (Bob) Clark is that he not only has his LLB but also an MBA. He has dedi himself to lifelong education and service. As a Rotarian he has also made time for service to his community. I would not hesitate to recommend his legal services to others who are needing legal assistance for Real Estate.
Jennifer Quigley on 2019-08-27
 The height of professionalism and very friendly as well. Bob is a pleasure. I wholeheartedly recommend him.
Andrew McLean on 2019-04-16
 Professional, thorough and timely legal advice / service at a reasonable price.
Mike Chartrand on 2016-03-14
 As owner of A Laptop Shoppe I employed Bob as my Lawyer to assist me in purchasing my building where my business is located . I am impressed with his professionalism,and how transparent he made the process appear to me even though I know it wasn't as straight forward ad it appeared . What makes Bob unique is his multiple degrees in Law,and business. Bob is well spoken and his superior communication skills were an asset to my experience with him.I recommend Bob and his staff to manage your real estate and will documentation.
Phil Hochhausen on 2018-06-28
 Bob helped my family by notarizing legal documents. Bob is easy to deal with and gets things done quickly and effectively. We will continue to use his services.

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