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Address: 28 First Ave, Orangeville, ON L9W 1H8, Canada
Phone: (519) 941-8730
Orangeville Homes For Sale Mullin Group on 2020-03-23
 Jeff Fitzpatrick and his team are a highly knowledgeable group here in the Orangeville area. We know that when our clients are using this office as their lawyer for Real Estate transactions, things will get done properly. We often refer this office to our clients.
Mary Cudizio on 2019-04-14
 I searched for a law office in Orangeville for notary service. I found many, all with a different fee for this service, ranging from $90 + $8 per page, up to $125 for 1 notarized page. Here I was quoted $40 flat fee. I had 5 papers to be signed & sealed. I also needed these papers faxed to Detroit, Michigan. They did this for me as a courtesy, my bill was just as quoted. $40 + tax. If I ever require any legal services, I will absolutely be calling this office. I will also recommend them if anyone is ever searching for legal services.
Heidi on 2019-08-10
 Very helpful. Excellent team!
Harvey Gillard on 2017-02-11
 I have used this firm for every real estate transaction I have done (4 times in the past 8 years are so). They are amazing to deal with. No worries I know it will get done. I don't live in Orangeville anymore but I still use them regardless! A big thank you once again. Thanks for the great work as always.
C B on 2017-06-09
 Used for two seperate house closings - pleased both times with level of service.

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