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Reviews for CL Burchett Professional Corporation dba Burchett Law
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Address: 320 Harry Walker Pkwy N, Newmarket, ON L3Y 7B4, Canada
Phone: (905) 898-3012
Website: http://www.burchettlaw.ca/
Joseph Collins on 2020-01-19
 Exellent attorney and team. Highly recommended.
Rae Adragone on 2020-02-21
 Professional Quick. Effective.
Joshua A. Campbell on 2018-03-27
 I recently worked on a transaction with my clients and they used Christine Burchett to close their transaction. Christine assisted my client with a smooth transaction. Thanks, Christine!
Linda Hauley on 2017-10-19
 Professional yet friendly
Muhammad Kermalli on 2016-07-25
 Caring, professional, and attentive to details.

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