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Address: 7071 Bayers Rd Unit 5009, Halifax, NS B3L 2C2, Canada
Phone: (902) 423-2412
Nicolae Costetchi on 2019-09-20
 Great service, professionalism. Thank you Mr Cohen and Mr Jason for your help and dedication. Our immigration process was easier thanks to your help and support!
Sohee Lee on 2019-04-03
 Thanks Scott! My case was pretty much complicated, but he addressed very well. I was fortunate to have him bc he fixed my terrible situation on behalf of me. He came across as kind, considerate, reliable, and very thorough every steps he takes. I really appreciate his work. *You may need little patience though.
Rachel Ann on 2019-07-07
 Mr. Cohen is very kind and compassionate, he helped me during my most difficult time and I can't thank him enough.
Vladislav Ginovker on 2017-03-22
 Reliable and highly professional services.

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