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Address: 1 Prologis Blvd #400, Mississauga, ON L5W 0G2, Canada
Phone: (905) 795-5100
Website: http://www.compass-canada.com/
Rishi Kohli on 2019-10-03
 This company provides opportunities for growth and to develop yourself. The staff are friendly and helpful. They are constantly developing their culture in an effort to better themselves. Free Picnics and Team Outings is also there. Management also is pretty nice and supportive.
Dwayne Fortman on 2020-02-09
 I love working for them. I work at the Honda plant for Eurest. Great company to work for! They really care about the employees. Their are some things I would like to see changed, ( not saying in here ). But overall, working for them has been a benefit to us both. Show up to work, do your job and go home.
Muhammad Aatir Alvi on 2017-05-17
 Great company. Held a Junior Achievement program to help young teen entrepreneurs!

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