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Address: 280 Frederick St, Kitchener, ON N2H 2N4, Canada
Phone: (519) 579-2250
Website: http://www.cooperlawyers.com/
Kathy Dietrich on 2020-04-01
 Absolutely wonderful service. Richard and his team went above and beyond when it looked like our house sale was in jeopardy. They were quick to respond with answers and advice. Both Richard and Cindy kept us informed of all developments as they happened. While it was a stressful experience, we knew they were there for us!
Ishan Abeywardena on 2019-09-04
 Went to get a document notarized. Absolutely painless. Great service at a reasonable price. Richard got in touch personally following my email.
Gurinder Athwal on 2019-12-15
 I used Manpreet for my closing it was a great and smooth experience. Highly recommended lawyer and firm.
Ravinder Kaur Athwal on 2019-12-15
 We used Cooper Lawyers for our house closing. We had a great experience with Manpreet Uppal. She is very friendly and helpful. We are really happy with her service and would definitely use her again. Thanks Manpreet!

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