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Reviews for Weston Medical Ctr
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Address: 1953 Weston Rd, York, ON M9N 1W8, Canada
Phone: (416) 248-5539
keith mitchell on 2020-01-03
 Dr. Turner is amazing.
Mara Ruth on 2019-09-06
 I like Dr. Costaris. When he diagnosed my problems he gives analogies and, if possible, shows me what's going on in my body. Like the time I got so stressed and anxious from work I ended up with tensed muscles. He showed me the muscle affected and explained my on/off anxious and angry state.
Thomas c on 2019-01-10
 Dr Costaris pretty much saved my life. His choices to send me to specific specialist when I was younger saved me as an adult. Highly recommended
GrootPlaysVG on 2019-09-27
 dr turner is the best
Jamie Stephens on 2018-05-30
 Dr. A Costaris has been my family doctor for around 20 years now. He’s help me through a lot. I wouldn’t think of changing him. He genuinely cares instead of just trying to push you threw in a visit with unanswered questions and push prescriptions for a bigger pocket. He is the best doctor I’ve ever met. Thank you for everything Dr Costaris!

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