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Address: 520 Spadina Crescent E, Saskatoon, SK S7K 3G7, Canada
Phone: (306) 933-5135
Website: https://sasklawcourts.ca/
Charles Sabean on 2020-02-26
 Well I've been Fighting Online for 2 Months To Prove Who I am just because I moved here From Toronto so Yeah, Regina's been a Nightmare and I usually Stay Confined at 2447 Lindsay Street Regina Saskatchewan S3N SC7 About Ready to Have a Nervous Break Down fighting For My Old Email Accounts and 10 Facebook Accounts designed for Union Organizing.
Mitch McDonald on 2019-05-14
 Friendly staff. Not an overall great place to go to but the people working there did a fantastic job at explaining what needed to be addressed.
Andrew Cutsforth on 2019-11-10
 Friendly and courteous staff
Desmond Moore on 2018-01-10
 Clean with friendly security staff and an organized layout. Very modern.
Cal Martin on 2019-06-02
 Was there to file papers with registrar's office.

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