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Address: 1468 Victoria Park Ave unit 123, North York, ON M4A 2M2, Canada
Phone: (416) 477-3747
Daniel Malcolm on 2019-03-06
 I have been dealing with Ashraful Karim on family court matters, he has been very good to work with and he actually cares about his clients not just their bank accounts. A great man and wonderful service.
Razia Sultana on 2019-08-06
 Ashraful Karim helped me with my immigration application and I am highly satisfied with the law office's service.
Ratnani Kumarapallam on 2019-02-12
 Ashraful helped me with my litigation matter in the quickest possible time. I retained him the night before of my submission and he did the submission by 10am next day. I am thankful to him for his professional support and empathy!
Joshua Duldulao on 2018-08-28
 Ashraful, I cannot thank you enough for your solid professional advice and help. My respect for your calm and well thought out professional advice and legal skills in my family matter. It was only for you I can see my children again! I was fortunate to have you as my lawyer.
GolamMehedi Islam on 2018-12-12
 I got help with my immigration from Ashraful Karim of Cozmo Law. He was very patient, efficient and sincere. He answered all my questions time to time with professionalism.I recommend him for your immigration problem.Thank you Ashraful Karim!

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