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Address: 250 Yonge St Suite 2201, Toronto, ON M5B 2L7, Canada
Phone: (416) 805-0477
Website: https://www.creslaw.com/
Khushboo Jha on 2020-02-10
 David at Crescendo Law was a legal adviser to BuyProperly in the early days when we were still an Idea. He helped us understand our legal options, and provided us with exemplary service through multiple engagements from set up , contracts to capital raise (for our first private placement capital raise). He is honest and straightforward and extremely trustworthy and has supported us in every which way possible. Highly recommended.
Cole Kirschner on 2020-01-31
 David provides an excellent service for my startup company. He is very accessible and knowledge when it comes to corporate law. Would certainly recommend his service for anyone starting or growing a business.
Cody Chambers on 2019-01-25
 My experience using Crescendo Law was nothing but professional. David’s ability to guide me through the unfamiliar process and answer any questions I had was very relieving. The process was quick and David paid attention to detail ensuring a smooth and accurate process. I would recommend David and Crescendo Law to all new businesses owners as he takes a personal approach to make sure your business is set up properly.
Jesse Rowley on 2019-04-15
 David is very professional, polite and helpful.

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