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Reviews for Aswani K. Datt, Criminal Lawyer
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Address: 295 Matheson Blvd E, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1X8, Canada
Phone: (905) 755-0104
Website: https://www.aswanidatt.com/?utm_source=google&utm_
Mousumi Nath on 2020-04-10
 My husband was very worried about his case and met Mr. I was with him during this meeting. Mr.Aswani DAtt is very gentle and kind lawyer. He told him "don't worry. I will clean the mess". He solved his case. He is a very professional and smart lawyer. He is very efficient. I recommend him to everyone who need law service.
Michelle Vieira on 2019-11-29
 Aswani Represented me in a case that was very scary and emotional for me . He did an amazing job at keeping me calm and level headed throughout the process. We were successful with our outcome and I can’t thank him enough for the advice, support and knowledge he provided. He is very kind and can be aggressive when needed in the court room. I highly recommend Aswani to anyone who is in need of an outstanding lawyer who truly cares about each case/client he takes on .
Miguel Ozamiz on 2019-12-12
 I had a great experience with Aswani. He seems exceptionally suited to the role and exudes confidence and expertise in all our dealings. I have had only one experience with him and his staff who got me out of a bind quite gracefully. I hope to never see them again but if needed would not hesitate to go back.
Sandra Youkhanna on 2020-02-12
 Mr. Aswani is one of the best lawyer ever I had the pleasure of having Aswani on my side when no body else can fix my case. He is the most carying lawyer I have ever know he was honest, kind, and helpful. My case was trouble and very hard but he dropped all the charges. I can’t thank him enough for advice and everything he did for me.
Sumendra Kumar Nath on 2020-05-01
 Mr.Aswani Datt is a very renowned lawyer in Mississauga and GTA. He is very smart , confident and at the same time very kind and gentle person. He has handled my case very efficiently and gave me an amicable result. He is a beacon of hope. Merely thanking him is not enough. I highly recommend Mr.Aswani datt to everyone who need legal service.

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