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Address: 9924 106 St Suite 300, Edmonton, AB T5K 1C4, Canada
Phone: (780) 424-9058
Website: https://www.dsscrimlaw.com/
Paul Maendel on 2019-08-28
 Reguarding Dushan Coulson as he represented me :// I would choose no one else to represent me in front of the court system. The man hours and dedication to my situation were above and beyond so much appreciated. I do not believe any one representing me through legal aid could have made a better outcome for me. Mr Coulson i wish you good fortune and all the blessings a man can recieve toward yourself and your family. Thanks so much!
Amy Townsend on 2019-08-19
 Best Lawyers for Grande Prairie AB residents
RSimon Wen on 2017-12-10
 DDSG is the best for its high professionalism,integrity and effectiveness in practice.Its reputation for high standard of professionalism is exemplified by the exemplary conduct of Mr.Kelly Dawson,who handled personally our case with compassion, understanding tempered with human dignity.Lily and Robert.Australia.

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