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Reviews for Unison Health & Community Services
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Address: 1651 Keele St, York, ON M6M 3W2, Canada
Phone: (416) 653-5400
Website: http://unisonhcs.org/
Tila Ismael on 2019-12-17
 unison is a great place. They doctors and nurses are nice. appointment was on time. the ladies at the front are nice as well. very neat and there's alot of useful information in the waiting area you can read while you wait
Katia Freitas on 2020-03-18
 I really feel welcome and assisted. I love my Doctor Julia and My counselor Morgan. I am so Grateful to have Morgan in my life.
MARIA FARIA on 2019-12-18
 Community/Health/Social and Well Being Service , where a need is a functional strive for good active living individuals. Awsome staff.
Monica_ Zulkerine on 2019-04-26
 Awesome service, our family doctor is amazing. She’s very caring. Very thankful to have ended up there

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