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Address: 4789 Yonge St #520, Toronto, ON M2N 0G3, Canada
Phone: (855) 553-3724
Website: http://desailaw.ca/
Jalesa Champagne on 2020-04-25
 Miguel and his team has gone above and beyond to help me go through this awful time, from the beginning of my case till the end, he made sure I got the best possible outcome and kept me informed throughout. Once again thank you so so so much for helping me through everything......your law firm is amazing and you guys are definitely a blessing. May the lord keep you all safe and continue blessing your family and business. I am so grateful to have met you during this challenging time in my life . You and your team made it a lot easier on me to go through this case. Thank you
Mr.P 416 on 2020-02-22
 Miguel and his team has gone above and beyond my expectations, from beginning of my case till the end, he made sure I would get the best outcome of my situation and kept me informed through out. He Will make sure you are not just a number. and a human being that is in a bad situation. thank you very helping me close a chapter of my life.
shanju selva on 2020-01-31
 We met Miguel 3 years ago for my husbands accident. I didn't know what to do during this hard time. We suffered for three years because of my husbands injuries but MIguel has been BEYOND supportive of my husband and I. He genuinely cares about our well-being. Today our lives have changed for the absolute best thanks to Miguel. Throughout this case, he has been a positive light in our lives and the outcome was beyond our expectations. If you remain cooperate and patient throughout this journey, I guarantee you that Miguel will do his absolute best.
Rujilda J on 2020-04-03
 Our family was very fortunate to be referred to DESAI MARUSZKI Law firm to represent my husband’s Motor vehicle accident claim. Our lawyer Mr. Miguel Maruszki given us hope and comfort during the difficult time our family faced. His approach was very welcoming and ease. He believed in us and knew the struggle we were experiencing for the last 3 years. His team stepped in and handled everything very professionally. They were always in touch and had all the answers to any questions, respectful and caring. This firm carried our family through the most horrible time of our life. His staff is just as prepared and driven as he is. We were very pleased with Desai Maruszki Law Firm.
marina leikin on 2019-12-20
 Desai Maruszki is an excellent personal injury firm. Miguel is an extremely professional lawyer, who from the very start had my best interests in mind. He took the time to explain the whole procedure to me, and to make sure that I was informed and satisfied at every step. They also got us great results! I highly recommend this firm!

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