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Address: 2001 Miller St, Lumby, BC V0E 2G0, Canada
Phone: (250) 547-8827
Website: https://deulinglaw.com/
James Dean on 2020-03-17
 Expedient service, exceptional staff, and an excellent outcome to my legal problem!
Bev Bourgeois on 2019-08-26
 All the staff at Dueling are very helpful. Sarah, who does the conveyancing is very knowledgeable and goes out of her way to help.
SUPER DUPERS on 2020-01-11
 Amazing Service.
Daniel Hamm on 2019-03-27
 I went here to get a paper notarized, very professional and better priced then most
Candace Dion on 2018-10-28
 Friendly small village law firm

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