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Reviews for Celine Dostaler Criminal Defence Lawyer
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Address: 200 Elgin St #901, Ottawa, ON K2P 1L5, Canada
Phone: (613) 695-8595
Website: https://www.celinedostaler.ca/
Mo Mohamed on 2020-01-18
 I was charged with sexual assault in Ottawa. I tried telling the cops I didn’t do it, but they didn’t believe me. No one believed me. They wanted to lock me up for years for something I didn’t do. I got to see Celine in a trial and she was fantastic. She showed the judge that my accuser was lying and making up stories. Celine fought hard and I was vindicated and acquitted. Celine is my hero - the best criminal lawyer in Ottawa.
Ee zz on 2019-11-24
 Thank you for your awesome services. You went above and beyond, and got excellent results!
Beverly A on 2019-09-17
 Celine recently represented my son in a criminal matter. We live in Ottawa, Ontario, and my son was involved in a situation that involved the police — having never dealt with anything like this before we did not know what to expect. Not only was Celine an exceptional communicator with our entire family, but she also advocated my son's case like a true expert. Celine was successful at getting all charges dropped, and today my son can rebuild his life. We could not be more thankful. For anyone in need of a quality criminal lawyer, we recommend Celine Dostaler. She is probably the best option you have in getting yourself out of trouble.
James C on 2019-10-23
 Celine is a great lawyer. From the first meeting with her, I knew I had a pitbull working for me. Celine fights hard for her clients. I recommend her to everyone.
jenn k on 2019-07-10
 I was so happy I called Celine. She is very knowledgeable, and immediately made me understand what was happening, what I should expect and how we could fight the charges against me. I felt comfortable speaking with her, and knew that she was being honest about my case. Thanks again for all your help.

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