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Reviews for Doucet lola Barrister & Solicitor
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Address: 647 Bedford Hwy, Halifax, NS B3M 0A5, Canada
Phone: (902) 832-5126
Jon Burgess on 2019-04-16
 Recommended by my agent as I was a first time home buyer. Great lawyer and friendly staff. She went to bat on an issue we had with the seller. Very knowledgeable about property statues and laws. Her meetings are well organized and rates we're probably the most reasonable in HRM. Highly recommend.
Halifax Astrologer Mj Patterson on 2018-03-05
 lola helped me buy my home last summer and she has been super -- even catching a mistake that the realtors made and doing extra work to make sure the deal did not fall through. This was really critical as were in a bidding war with 2 other potential buyers. Thanks lola you rule! xxx
Roy Thomas on 2019-08-07
 Excellent real estate lawyer. I refer clients to her on a regular basis. lola is great at keeping both agents and clients updated on the progress.
Alison Mallett on 2019-04-16
 lola has always been extremely professional. She helped us with the legalities of building a house just over 12 years ago and recently with selling it. I would thoroughly recommend her and her staff.

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