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Address: 945 3rd Ave E, Owen Sound, ON N4K 2K8, Canada
Phone: (519) 372-1850
Website: http://drurylaw.ca/
Legion Glanvill on 2020-01-06
 Very simple website, which is nice and refreshing. They even give prices which is a big bonus in my books. I like the fact you can price compare online. Which makes me trust them even more. It's hard to find a good lawyer and these guys seem on board. I haven't used their services yet. But I know if I have to do anything in Owner Sound I will definitely be checking them out.
Michael Donnelly on 2019-09-06
 Great practice for a great guy.
AK McCorkindale on 2019-10-10
 Very efficient and professional
Deborah Baker on 2017-10-02
 A great person! Have dealt with him many times.
Albert Gostick on 2018-02-19
 Great lawyer to handle real estate.

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